Incoming... Scout Catapults

The Scouts were hard at work building catapults to launch tennis balls across the gym.  They worked out great and all the patrols all lobbed them across the gym to great effect.  I was very pleased to see how well the groups interacted and put their catapults together.  They had to apply their lashing techniques and helped each other complete the task.  Good work everyone!

In Search of Stew

The Scouts were out at Lost Lake this weekend past, vying for the title of patrol chefs of the year.  Each Patrol was challenged to find a recipe, do the planning, put the shopping list together, buy all the ingredients and then prepare a stew that could be sampled by the leaders.  Only catch, we didn't provide them with a stove, they had to do all this cooking in a dutch oven over the fire.

The scouts created tripods to hang their dutch ovens from, built the cooking fire and then prepared their stews and the verdict was that both the stews that the leaders got to sample were great!  As for the other two, I have no idea as they so thoroughly were enjoying their stew that they forgot to bring a sample for the leaders.

After dinner we shared skits, songs and some cheers, but as the night got colder the Scouts decided that their finale would be a great magic trick, where, with a puff of smoke and misdirection, they all disappeared into their tents.  It was 9:00pm.

Busy Year

Well it has obviously been a busy year so far, and I seem to be neglecting my duties here, lol.
It's great to have such a great group off Beavers this year. We had a great trip to the Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Jubilie Auditorium, So proud to see how well behaved our Beavers were. Also had a great group at our outing to the Military Museum, and subsequent sleep over. Unfortunately Tic Tac is really bad for taking pictures, so if anyone has pics that they want me to upload here, just send them to

Cubs at the Wolf Sanctuary

The Cubs had a recent excursion out to Golden B.C. where they got to tour the local Wolf Sanctuary, howl with the wolves and attend a local hockey game!  The food was great and all the kids had a great time.

Remembrance Day

The entire group did a great job at the Remembrance Day ceremonies.  The Scouts especially enjoyed lunch at Smitty's up at Westbrook where they got to stuff themselves at the Breakfast Buffet.  They also got to run around and check out the Millitary Museum to look at all the wartime memorabilia.


We had a great start to the scouting year with 12 new scouts coming into the program growing our numbers to 24 in the troop.  A couple weeks ago we invested our new Scouts and welcomed them to the group.  Our Patrol Leaders are looking forward to working with all the new youth and teaching them all about the ways of scouting.

Bow River Canoe Trip

Canoe on the bowThe start of another Scout year and another set of Scout Adventures!  This year we decided to start the year off with a little canoe trip down the Bow River from Ghost Lake Dam to Cochrane with an overnight on Wildcat Island.  The Patrol leaders did an excellent job organizing their patrols and ensuring that everyone was fed and had shelter.  The meal consisted of hot dogs and Kraft Dinner, which the youth did an excellent job of preparing.  Overall an excellent trip, no one tipped their canoe but everyone got a little water over the gunwales which added a little excitement to the trip.

Cypress Hills Cycling

The Scouts went off Friday night for the long drive down past Medicine Hat to the Cypress Hills.  We setup tents in the dark, had mug up and settled in for the night.  The next morning we awoke, made a substantial breakfast, which of course included bacon and made sure that all the leaders were fully caffinated.  We then prepared for the task that we had set ourselves, to mountain bike the TransCanada trail from Reesor Lake to Spruce Coulee in Cypress Hills Provicial Park.

The trail was a steep start with 7.5% grade for the first 2.5km but then flattened out into a large meadowed plateau which we rode across to the Lookout.  From here we could see all the way down to the prairies.  We continued on down the trail and descened down to Spruce Coulee another 4 or 5 kilometers on.  The trail was quite bumpy and often one had to survey the grass to look for the dip in the waving stalks to determine the path.  I will say that the trail was well marked and we never felt lost.  There was always a signpost just up ahead.

Dinner that night was spahgetti and meat sauce, which the Scouts prepared.  It was quite hearty and delicious after a long days riding.

Simple Simon Pies Fundraising

The Scouts have started selling Simple Simon Pies Vouchers as well and if you enjoy Simple Simon pies you can do so at a discount to you and help the Scouts send youth to summer camp as well.  For more details see the link at or ask your local Calgary 18th Troop Scout.

Telus Donation

John Hind accepts cheque from TelusWe had the Telus Employee Community Fund come by and donate money to the group for the purchase of a new generator for our Lost Lake Camp!  Our last generator has served us well, however it has been unreliable lately.  With the generous donation from Telus we can ensure that there is clean drinking water for the many groups that use our camp.  Thanks again Telus!


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