All Sections Camp

The all sections camp went swimmingly, swim-up-ingly that is.  We had youth from all sections move up between the different sections and be welcomed by the youth in those groups for the upcoming year.  We're looking forward to seeing all the new members of the various groups in the upcoming year!  Kudos go out to the cub leaders for doing the cooking and most of the camp organization.  I know the Scouts appreciated how easy they had it, even if they did have to wash a dish or two.

ScoutStarts Fundraising

The Calgary 18th Scout Group and Grow Calgary have partnered up to help send kids to camp this summer. The Calgary 18th Scout Group needs to raise a little over $9000 to send 12 Youth to summer camp. To help us achieve this goal the scouts have planted tomato starts in cooperation with Grow Calgary which will be available for pickup from the Scout Hall (1919 19 Street SW) on: May 19 from 7:30pm to 9:00pm

These plants are $3.00/plant with a minimum order of 3. See for more details.

Laser Quest

The scouts had a great time running around Laser Quest.

2 Days of Hiking Fun

The Scouts were out this weekend and fit in a 2-night camp.  We left Friday night for Quaite Valley backcountry campground and hiked the short distance up to the first site.  We set up the camps to be a short hike from each other so that we could get a representative backpacking experience.  The youth were organized and set their camps and made their meals according to their schedule.  We met a Venture company along the way, whose leadership complimented the youth on th

Youth have the week off and they are climbing the walls!

Q Climbing the Walls!As the name implies most of the youth were off on Easter holidays which meant that many of them were away on vacations.  Luckily for the ones that were here we had a great time introducing them to climbing in the gym at the Scout Hall.  Our instructor was an alumni from the group that went on to a career that heavily involves climbing and outdoor pursuits on a regular basis and he learned to tie his first figure 8 at the Calgary 18th Scout Group.  It is great when we can see these kinds of generational continuity in the group.  Everyone had a great time.

Root Beer Brew

In honour of St. Patrick's Day the Scouts took on a brewing project of their own.  They brewed up some cream soda and root beer.  This allowed us to talk through the principles of fermentation and the biology and lifecycle of yeasts as well as the importance of cleanly vessels for brewing and bottling.  In addition to all that they learned about physics in the form of potential energy differentials, heat exchangers, symphonic action and laminar versus turbulent flows.  The whole process was educational for the Scouts, edifying for the leaders and effervescent in the result.

Winter Backpacking Trip

Winter Hiking GroupAs you probably are aware this winter has been pretty mild, so we took the opportunity to take the youth out on an overnight hike.  We started off by taking a circuitous route up some back country roads until we finally stopped, hopped out of the van, climbed over a barbed wire fence and we were off.  With little more direction than, "we will be camping by a lake to the Northeast of here", the Scouts headed off into the bush to whatever per

Pioneering Project

TransporterThe Scouts were hard at work learning knots and engineering principles over the last couple weeks and some of them lamented that they had no practical application.  Well this week at Scouts they got to put it all into action together to make an aerial transporter.  They did this by lashing two A-Frames and connecting them with a large rope called a hawser.  They then put a boson's chair on a pulley and used that to transit back and forth across the r

Scout Awards 2016

Bert Haynes AwardAt the BP Banquets we give away awards to recognize different aspects of what is important for our group.  This year we are proud to announce the following awards and recipients:
  • Bert Haynes Award (Youth that most exhibits the principles of scouting, as decided by their peers) - Shawn B.
  • Patrol Leader of the Year (Not handed out every year, Patrol leader that best exhibits leadership qualities) - Quinten K.
  • Camp Award (Patrol with the most youth nights at camp) - Falcons
  • Attendance Awards (Fewest tracked absences) - Andrew M., Quinten K., Thomas M., Chase B., Eli W., Shawn B.

Bert Haynes Celebration of Life

Bert Haynes Celebration of Life was held Saturday March 5th with an open house at Cal-O-Rail and a Campfire and to tell stories about Bert in the evening. 

A link to the video material shown at the Service is located under the History tab on this website. Videos of the Eulogies will be posted when available.

See also Bert's Obituary below. 


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