Lost Lake Ward Cabin Work Party

We are making a push to complete some critical elements on the Ward Cabin out at Lost Lake from October 25-30, 2015.  If you have some spare time and would like to come help out, please contact Alan Davidson at info@truetag.com.


The scouts had a good time this weekend talking to scouts from all over the world.  We started off with some conversations on the internet with some scouts from Somalia and proceeded to talk with scouts from Sri Lanka, Holland, Serbia, Australia, Texas as well as others. 

After the JOTA and JOTI sessions we watched the Great Escape movie in memorium to the camp this year.  Thanks to Al for setting up and providing the equipment and mentoring them through the HAM radio components.  Also thanks to the Scouters that supported the event here in Calgary and the world over!

Welcome Back Beavers

Hey Beavers and parents,
Tic Tac Here.
 Just want to welcome all the new Beavers to our colony, and a big welcome back to our returning Beavers.
We have a really exciting program this year, and I look forward to all the fun we are going to have.
We are also proud to welcome back our returning leaders, and happy to meet new ones.
Keep an eye out here for more exciting news, and scheduling of upcoming events!!
Tic Tac Signing off.

Lost Lake Ward Cabin Progresses

Another great work party last week... Shane Sbitney brought a metal brake, and folded and cut nearly 400 square feet of metal to form flashing and fascia on the cabin. Got a good start on installing soffits. Thanks to all who came out and helped!

Summer camp a success!

I'd like to personally thank all the leaders that used their vacation time to make this happen.  Stephen, Anne-Marie, Paul, Kris, Anne-Brit and Arlue were all great examples for the youth to follow and were provided with many teachable moments which they continually rose to the challenge and faced head on.  From what I have heard from parents and scouts, the trip was a success and everyone had a great time.

See you all in the fall!

Beauvais Lake Camp

This past weekend the scouts packed up the trailer with bikes and canoes and headed out to Beauvais Lake provincial park. The weather was beautiful, and the wind even managed to stay relatively calm (for southern Alberta anyway) so the youth could get out for some canoeing and fishing the first day. A few fish were caught, but more importantly we were able to practice some paddling before the upcoming summer canoe camp. The second day the scouts did a bit of biking and a quick hike up the bluff and were treated to a spectacular view before packing up and heading back to town.

Fish Hatchery

The scouts were out to the Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery.  We saw many of the rainbow trout that are destined for Alberta's lakes and Angler's hooks. The kids learned about conservation and fish life cycles.  Watching the fish in the tanks downstairs also was quite captivating.  The most exciting part for the youth was when they got to feed the fish.


Happy Star Wars Day!

This week the Beavers celebrated Star Wars day (May the Fourth...get it?) with a costume party. There were a few representatives of both the empire and the rebel alliance in attendance, but I must say they all made very cute intergalactic citizens.

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump Trip

We went down to Head smashed in Buffalo Jump and learned all about the Blackfoot Confederacy and how they hunted the Buffalo.  One of the things that we all learned and found quite interesting is that we have to remember that the native people did not have access to horses until the European's brought them over in the 1800's.  The first nations people were required to use their ingenuity to trap the animals in ravines, snow drifts and even corrals. 

Mother's Day Social

The Venture Troop of the 18th is hosting our second annual Mother's Day social this year on Saturday May 9th from 11AM - 1PM at the Scout Hall.

Cakes, fruit, and muffins will be served along with beverages including coffee and tea. As this event is intended to thank mothers of the 18th for their contributions to the group, along with their dedication and hard work, we at the 18th kindly request that attendance be limited only to the mothers.

If you will be able to join us, please R.S.V.P to scotthind@live.ca by May 6th. We look forward to seeing you on May 9th.


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