Lost Lake Camp "Work Partys"

Let me introduce myself first... I am Alan Davidson, one of the volunteers who is helping look after the Lost Lake Campsite.  For those of you who have youth in the group, this is a unique facility which we have leased from the Government for the past 48 years, and over the years have developed some basic camp facilities to make it a safe, secure place to camp with reasonable facilities so volunteer leaders (who are in many cases also parents) can provide an outdoor program for your son or daughter.

Lost Lake Camp Public Hearing.

After 47 years of leasing the Lost Lake Campsite... and the additional 20 plus years left on our current lease, the County of Rockyview has asked to update the zoning for our Camp to "Public Services District "from the present "Ranch and Farm" zoning to reflect the Camping activities we, and the other Scout and Guide groups that use the campsite partake in.

Ice Magic Festival

The scouts were out and about this last weekend at Lake Louise for the Ice Magic Festival and some cross country skiing.  The scouts all had a good time skiing but did agree that it was more fun going down hill than up.

Building Committee Meeting

The Building Committee is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and projects around the Scout Hall.  The more input that we have to the group the better we can help to meet the needs of the youth.  Please join us for a meeting on November 19th at 8:00pm.

Waterton Camp

The scout group took the drive down to Waterton Lakes Park this weekend past and had a great time hiking to Bertha Falls and up to the Bear's Hump.  We are all looking forward to more camps in the future.

Bear's Hump

Scout Hall Work Party

On August 17th there will be a work party down at the Scout Hall.  There are a couple of maintenance items that need to be tackled before the new program year.  It will begin at 10:00am and all able bodies are welcome.  Please contact us at info@calgary18th.com if you require more information.

Lost Lake Log Cabin (Revisited)

Just when we thought the cabin was all a "go", we got a phone call from the Rockyview Council saying that before we can build it the Zoning on the property has to be changed. Apparently this will take till next Spring sometime... we are presently finding out the details. (We have had a recreational lease at the camp for 48 years, and have about 20 years left on the current lease)

Lost Lake Log Cabin

Great News... the Building Permit for our Cabin at Lost Lake has been approved, and we are just about ready to start construction! The Logs and other building materials have been delivered from Lumby, BC, and the rest of the lumber is on order locally.

Sale, Sale, Firewood for Sale

Over the summer rovers will be splitting and selling firewood as a fund-raiser. The trial of this fund-raising last year worked almost too well as there was more orders than there was wood available. This year however the rovers have been working hard at finding and splitting more wood. The wood is sold for about $150 a cord for your basic species and a lot more for you fruit bearing wood. If you would like to buy fire wood call Jamie at 403-874-0394.

Early Registrations

Kelly has bee working hard to provide us with the opportunity for early registration for scouts next year.  Early registrations are $80 while normal registrations will be $100. So come down, and save a little money with an early registration.

Below are the dates that she will be down at the hall to facilitate these early registrations.

May 13-14, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
May 21-23, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
May 27-28, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
May 30, 6:30pm - 8:00pm


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