Lost Lake Log Cabin (Revisited)

Just when we thought the cabin was all a "go", we got a phone call from the Rockyview Council saying that before we can build it the Zoning on the property has to be changed. Apparently this will take till next Spring sometime... we are presently finding out the details. (We have had a recreational lease at the camp for 48 years, and have about 20 years left on the current lease)

Lost Lake Log Cabin

Great News... the Building Permit for our Cabin at Lost Lake has been approved, and we are just about ready to start construction! The Logs and other building materials have been delivered from Lumby, BC, and the rest of the lumber is on order locally.

Sale, Sale, Firewood for Sale

Over the summer rovers will be splitting and selling firewood as a fund-raiser. The trial of this fund-raising last year worked almost too well as there was more orders than there was wood available. This year however the rovers have been working hard at finding and splitting more wood. The wood is sold for about $150 a cord for your basic species and a lot more for you fruit bearing wood. If you would like to buy fire wood call Jamie at 403-874-0394.

Early Registrations

Kelly has bee working hard to provide us with the opportunity for early registration for scouts next year.  Early registrations are $80 while normal registrations will be $100. So come down, and save a little money with an early registration.

Below are the dates that she will be down at the hall to facilitate these early registrations.

May 13-14, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
May 21-23, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
May 27-28, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
May 30, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

M&M Meat Shops Scout Camp Fundraising BBQ

Today, Saturday, and again on May 4, May 18 and May 25th we will be hosting M&M BBQs at the Deer Run Location.  Were having a great time and we hope you will come down and support your Scouts!

That camp was for the Birds

While it was a small group that braved the weather of that early April weekend, we all had big hearts and managed to eek out a fair amount of fun.  Once we arrived we went straight to the Cub cabin and fired up.  That kept the chill off and provided us with a home base to do our taping and painting.

Ice Fishing at Little Bow

This past weekend the scouts headed out to do some ice fishing. The day started out a bit rocky with a flat tire (although some would argue that it was a good lesson for the youth to see how to change a tire), but we eventually made it out to Little Bow provincial park. Upon arriving, former 18th member Sean helped the scouts make their very own tip-up style ice fishing rods and then we were off to the lake. It wasn't too long before we started getting a few bites, and by the day's end we had even managed to land a few whitefish.

Castle Mountain Hostel Trip

The Scouts were out this weekend for another great trip to the Castle Mountain Wilderness Hostel. After a scenic drive out to the hostel site, the scouts helped the manager Tony out with moving some snow piles and then did a bit of exploring. After a delicious dinner of homemade pizzas, some scouts went back out to enjoy a game of "Camouflage" while the rest broke out the cards and board games. The next day, we made our way towards Lake Louise and found a great spot to toboggan along the way.

Last Chance for Summer Camp

We are looking at finalizing the bookings for summer camp this week. Please confirm your attendance by bringing your deposit down to the Scout Hall at our meeting on the 17th.

Volunteers Needed for Selling Christmas Trees

As a fundraiser for the upcoming Canadian Jamboree trip and generally for the group, we are selling Christmas trees. We need volunteers to sign up for shifts throughout the week and on the weekends. Scouts that help out they will receive fundraising credits toward their trip.

The sign up sheet is down at the hall or you can contact the group at scouts@calgary18th.com and we can put you in touch with the coordinator.


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