Senior Citizen Gift Bags

A big thank you to all the scouts that helped to compose over 3000 bags of gifts for Senior Citizens. The money raised through this event will help the scouts pay for their upcoming trip to the Canadian Jamboree and our tour of Northern Alberta.

Popcorn Sales Over

Scouts popcorn has now finished. Look for us again next year!

Scout Popcorn

That time of year is here again and I know you are all excited to pick up your Scout popcorn!  Look for the forms being circulated by scouts, cubs, beavers and parents alike.  If you are unable to get in touch with someone you can email us at and we will get you in touch with someone who can help you out.

Lost Lake Lodge Roof Photos

A collection of before and after photos from the Lodge Roof project at Lost Lake. Thanks to all who helped during our August work Week.:

Dinosaur Provincial Park Camp

There was an exciting time exploring and fossil hunting in the badlands at Dinosaur Provincial Park.  On the Fossil Safari we all got to see many fossilized bones, trees and even part of a snake skeleton (non-fossil).  I think we were all impressed with the variety and abundance of fossil's in the park. 

It was also very helpful that the weather remained excellent all weekend.  Definitely and Interesting place!

Cub Pack Leader Planning Meeting

On August 28, 2012 the Cub Pack will have a Leader planning meeting at the 18th Scout Hall.  We will plan from early September to the end of January.  We will invite parents to attend the planning meeting in late December or early January to plan from February to June.

Scouter Peter Mitchell, our former Grey Brother, will be returning tot he Cub Pack as a Leader.  His daughter Stephney, is also expected to become a Cub Leader.  Akela will be contacting other prospective leaders as well.

Faithfully submitted,
Ken Hind, R. S.
Akela, Wolf Cub Pack

Summer Camp Successes

We had a a great time at summer camp over the last week and everyone had a lot of fun.  we completed a couple pioneering projects and learned a lot about lashings and whatnot.  We also had the Canoe-olympics with events like canoe slalom and rescue time trials.  A couple boys caught some leaches out of the lake and frogs from the forest.

Lost Lake Renovations

Now that the Scout Hall Renovation is nearing completion, it is time to give our Camp a new look as well.

We have been successful in obtaining an Alberta CIP grant to help us Renovate the Lost Lake Camp.
This Grant requires that some of the funds be matched by the volunteer labour that all of the Groups that use the camp will contribute, and some are matched by the insurance money, a donation by the Forest Lawn Lions Club, a donation of Roofing tiles by Dyck Insurance, and a donation of part of the cost of logs by Rouck Brothers Sawmill.  Thanks to everyone in advance!.

Early Registration

Kelly will be down at the Scout Hall on June 4, 6,  7, 11, 12, 14 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm  to take early registration for Beavers, Cubs, Ventures and Rovers.  Registration cost on and before June 14th is $80 for the year and after that it is $90.  Leilynn will be available on Thursday nights to take Early registrations for Scouts.

The Scout Hall is located at 1919 19th Street SW.

Quaite Valley Scout Camping Trip

Enjoying the FireOur trip started out at a leisurely pace and the gentle 2km hike into Quaite Valley was interrupted only by some small rest stops and gear adjustments.  For some of the youth, this was the first time that they were going to have to carry in all their gear on their backs.  But in short order we made it into the campground, se


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