Website Upgrade

The website has received a bit of an upgrade, nothing fancy, just updating to the latest version of the platform that it is built on.  As part of the upgrade process all of the user accounts had to be removed, so you will need to recreate your accounts on this website and I will add them in.  If there is anything that was on the old website that you are missing let me know and I will retrieve it for you.

Look for new features such as:
  • Built in Calendars
  • Rich Text Editing
  • Streamlined Authoring Process
  • User Profiles

Scout Hall Organization

On the 27th and 28th of December there will be a Scout Hall Organization Initiative occurring.  Now that the renovations are complete, there is some need to organize all of the pieces that will be moved around.  We are looking for Parents, Scouts, Ventures, Rovers, Cubs and Beavers to help out with this work.  If you are bringing a Cub or a Beaver down we ask that you also come down to supervise and help them with the cleanup.

French Creek Snowshoeing

Despite the road conditions and the weather a couple of Scouts along with Peter and myself managed to go to French Creek in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. The trip was a bit of a slog getting up the creek but we had fun sliding back down the hill.

The roads were slow coming back to Calgary, due to the weather, and the conditions warranted the extra caution. A bit of a late night getting the Scouts back home, but still a great trip.

Nahahi Ridge Hike

Scouts at Nahahi Ridge

I took the Scouts out on a hike up to Nahahi Ridge in Kananaskis off highway 66 at the Little Elbow Campground there. As you can see from the pictures after a long hike the views were well worth it.

Point Campground Canoe Trip

Our trip was plagued with rain and hail throughout it's duration but the we didn't let that dampen our spirits. Even after a long slog across the lake it didn't take long for the scouts to come up and ask me if they could go back out in the canoes.

We started off from the North Interlakes Parking log on Upper Kananaskis Lake at about noon on Saturday. There was a mild head wind which caused some minor swells on the lake (1 foot or so). This was not enough to stop our intrepid paddlers though and we pushed on to the campground.


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