Bottle Drives are Back Baby!

Submitted by jrickard on Wed, 12/08/2021 - 14:46

First of all we have completed the Christmas Market and it was a success raising over $2000 for our upcoming Yukon trip where we are taking 35 Youth and Scouters up to Whitehorse where we will embark on 10 day canoe trip taking us up towards Dawson City.  The trip will be packed with beautiful scenery, history about the gold rush and stories of the North.  Not to mention a special stopover to pay homage to Sam McGee.

In order to continue to raise the $40,000 required to make this trip affordable for all of our youth and families the 18th Scouts will be conducting a bottle and tree drive on January 8th from 9am to 2pm to help you clean up all those pesky bottles and trees that might be hanging around from your festivities.  To remove trees we are asking for a $20 donation and bottles are their own reward, just like volunteer service ;)

We will be in the neighbourhoods of Scarboro, Sunalta, Garrison Marda Loop, Altadore, Bankview, Richmond, and South Calgary collecting bottles by appointment, which you can register below

Register for bottle and tree drive

Tree pickup (or donation) funds can be e-transferred to, instructions also on the form linked above.

You can also call into the hall on the day of Bottle Drive at 403-245-1282 and we will swing by and grab your bottles as well.  We will be slowly driving through the neighbourhoods as well, so feel free to stop us and toss some bottles in the back of one of our Scout Vans.  Of course you are also welcome to come by the hall with your bottles and drop them off if that is more convenient.  The hall is located at 1919 19th Street SW if you are punching it into your GPS.