Next meeting: January 24

 January 24 (Tuesday): meeting at the hall at 6.30pm

Theme: : Winter camp planning and pack check
For this meeting, the cubs are required to come to the meeting with their camping bag fully packed.  The leaders and sixes will do a pack check and camp preparation activities will also take place.
Please get the cub to use the packing list attached to pack their bags.  If the cub makes its own bag, he/she will have less trouble repacking at the end of camp.
January 28 & 29: Winter camp near Banff. Meeting at the hall on Saturday, January 28 at 8.30am.   
The camping trip itinerary is ready. See pdf attached. Some changes have been made since the last version was sent out.
If you have not done it yet, please complete the consent form it and return it either by email or by bringing it to the leader at the next meeting.
NOTE: There is a $20 fee per cub for this camp; please pay the fee to one of the leaders at the next meeting or upon departure on saturday;  this fee is to alleviate some of the cost of the camp absorbed by the cub section.  All transportation, accommodation, entry fees to hot springs, food, drinks will be provided. Thank you for your understanding.  if you have any concerns or questions, please contact one of the leaders.