Popcorn Fundraiser continues until October 18

Contact your 18th Beaver, Cub, Scout, Venturer, Rover or Leader to purchase Scout Popcorn.
This major fundraiser pays for weekly program supplies and weekend hikes and camps for all sections, and for those Scouts, Venturers, and Rovers who are going on the 2019 Centennial Camp, it will provide significant funding.

2018-2019 Scouting Year Startup Information - 18th Calgary Scouts

Hi Everyone,

Just sending out a quick welcome email for the upcoming scouting year with us at the 18th Scout Group. if you have not registered yet you can register online. At this time registration is open on a first come first serve basis. Registering on line will help reduce the confusion at the first meeting.

Leaders please note that you must reregister for the 2018-2019 year before the end of August. If you do not indicate that you are returning you will be placed on inactive status effective September 1, 2018

Lost Lake Renovations this Summer a Success

Several volunteers have worked hard during the Scout Summer Camp, and a subsequent two day work camp, along with the Scouts, to complete needed renovations:
A new game court - Thunder Ball, (GaGaGo) "Pit".
New Canoe Rack.
Cleaned up debris near Dock.
Painted Picnic Tables, and part of the outside of the Ward Cabin.
seating for the new Campfire Circle near the Cooking Shelter.
A Great Start on a new Cooking Shelter for groups tent camping.
A replacement fridge in the Cookshack.
Gravel added to holes in the road.

Spolumbo's Sausage Sale

Spolumbo's Sausages sales are closed and the order is in. Thanks everyone who purchased some sausages. The order is coming in fresh on June 13th, please schedule time to pick it up that evening at the Scout Hall.

Powderface Ridge Hike

The Scouts had an excellent hike up to Powderface Ridge with an elevation gain of 750m over 5km for an average grade of 20%! They kept moving all the way up and were in good spirits at the ridge and on the way down. Way to go!

Bottle Drives

The group is having their first bottle drive on October 14th and we are looking for as many volunteers as possible to come out and help. Each bottle drive can raise as much as $3000 for the group to help fund our activities throughout the year. Generally the group attempts to subsidize the programs of the youth through this fundraising to cover about 50% of the costs. This allows us to ensure that the programs are affordable across the board and available to all our youth.

Welcome Back

Well Hello Fellow Beavers and Leaders,

Welcome back to a new year of exciting Beaver action!

We are all looking forward to another great year of fun activities and leadership learning opportunities for all of our new and existing members.

We are happy to welcome Stephanie Mitchell to our Beaver colony. Stephanie has been a volunteer within our group for many years now, but has recently decided to join up with the beavers, and we are very fortunate to have her.

We would also Like to welcome back Colin Garrett. Our very own "Rusty"!
After completing some schooling, Colin has brought his energy and leadership back to our group.
I can say that I am looking forward to some great floor hockey :)

We are off to a good start this year and have many fun and exciting things lined up in our program this year, so stay tuned for lots of fun!!!

Scouts kicking off a new year

Now that we are back from our summer camp we are ready to roll with a new Scout year! We will be starting up this year on Thursday, September 7 at 7:15pm. We are looking forward to seeing many returning scouts and some new ones as well.

Telus Donates Money for Lost Lake Campsite Upgrade

Thank You to Telus for donating $5000.00 to help install a new Propane system to our buildings at Lost Lake.

Scouts Selling Spolumbo's Sausages

It is that time of year again to get ready for the summer grilling season and the Scouts are here to help you out! We have cases of Spolumbo's Sausages for sale. The product will be delivered fresh so it is important to pick it up on the delivery date which will be communicated by email after we have confirmation from Spolumbo's. The last day for orders will be June 8th.

For available products please see the order page: http://calgary18th.com/spolumbo


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