News and Recent Events

  • Edworthy Falls Hike

    The scouts had a great time playing in the snow just before they closed the Highwood Pass road by heading up to Elbow Lake and a little further on to Edworthy Falls.

  • Remembrance Day Photo

    Remembrance Day 2023

    We went up to the Hangar again for Remembrance Day this year and got to march in with the Cadets at the beginning and the end of the ceremony. The ceremony was televised on CTV as well so everyone is famous!

  • Christmas Market

    Thanks for all the support in November! Christmas Market was a great success! Looking forward to seeing what our vendors have planned for next year!

  • Cypress Hills 2023

    Winter camp with Dutch oven cooking, with bread, meatball ragu/stew, and an apple crumble dessert. The meal was delicious, and the kids enjoyed the meal and the camp!

  • Winter Cub Athletic Badge

    The Cubs finished up their winter athletic badge requirements and received their badges this evening. They made 2 obstacle courses outside up on the field and had a blast

  • BP Banquets

    Over the last couple weeks, we have had the BP Banquets and they have been a great success. We handed out several awards, had delicious cake and enjoyed some campfire activities. A great big thanks to the Venturers as well who put together presentations to choose the next big travelling camp in 2026.