Lost Lake Booking


Deposit Fee:

*The deposit fee for use of the camp is $50 for each camping location selected. Select one or more, if required, of the Ward Cabin, the Cub Lodge, the Senior Cabin or Bert’s Meadow. The capacity limit for the Ward Cabin is 12 campers, the Cub Lodge capacity is 30 campers, the Senior Cabin capacity is 10 campers and Bert’s Meadow will accommodate at least 50 campers in tents. There is also room for additional campers in tents around each building

* The deposit fee includes the first 5 campers for each area booked. Complete the number of youth and adults to a total of  5 for each location selected. If you have additional campers use the additional camper’s module to register and pay for the additional campers. The additional campers are added in units of three campers.



The Camp fee is in two parts, and is per weekend. The Scout and Guide Deposit Fee is $50 for each facility is payable on booking online with a credit card, and a donation of $10.00 per person (Youth and Adults) for camping is payable after camping direct to the 18th Calgary Scout group by check or e-transfer. It is your choice if you come Friday for two nights or Saturday for one night.

Select one or more, if required, of the Ward Cabin, the Cub Lodge, Bert’s Meadow., or the Cookshack Kitchen-dining facility. You must book The Lodge, Ward Cabin and/or Bert’s Meadow area to use the Cookshack Kitchen/Dining facility.

The booking fee includes the use of propane and camp equipment including canoes. Please estimate the number of Youth and Adults during booking, which can be adjusted for your $10 per person donation, once you know the actual attendance.

It is the Scout/Guide’s group responsibility to be aware of and comply with all Scouts Canada Activity form and camping policies.


Bookings may be made for any available dates in the September to August camping year with new bookings open August 1 for the following year. Early booking is encouraged, however late bookings must be created at least three days in advance. If a booking is weathered out, you can re-book at no charge into a future available date.


1. Call or email Bob Schwartzenberger 403-863-7585 or justbob175@gmail.com to discuss which weekends/facilities are available and suitable for your group.

2. Booking this Spring and Summer 2023 will be done directly through Bob. For Fall bookings, please contact him after August 1st. Once you have agreed on which weekend and facilities you require based on availability, Bob will have you complete an online booking, and pay your deposit by credit card.


To view descriptions of each asset/facility, please select the “More” option within each asset of the facility calendar!

*Bookings must be created at least three days in advance.* If you wish to book the camp with less notice, please contact Bob